New GoPayment Feature Calculates Sales Tax Based on Your Location

The GoPayment team has just released an option that allows users to automatically apply the correct sales tax based on their geolocation.

This has been a long-requested feature by GoPayment users who take payments on-the-go and travel to different regions (each with different sales tax requirements).  The update is now available on all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and Android phones and tablets.

How It Works

The new sales tax feature becomes active after you upgrade or install the latest version of the GoPayment app. When you create an order, you will be prompted to set up the location-based tax setting.  Alternatively, you can simply access the Settings page in GoPayment and get started there.

Note:  At the current time, tax is only calculated for sales conducted using the ‘Items’ feature.

Select an item

Tax is factored into total automatically

If your device does not support GPS/location based services or they are not turned on for the GoPayment app (this is something you set within your device settings, not within the GoPayment app) you won’t receive the prompt above, and you will have to set sales tax settings manually. To take advantage of location-based services, be sure to turn on GPS features for GoPayment in your phone or tablet’s settings. Visit the “Settings” tab in the GoPayment App, select “Sales Tax,” and switch the “Location based tax rate” to “On.”

Additional Help

If you have turned the Location Based Tax feature ON, but for one reason or another GPS is either not enabled on your phone, or unable to locate where you are, you’ll receive a message that will allow you to manually set your sales tax.

Prompt when sales tax can't be found

Manual tax location option

An Important Note Regarding Sales Tax in Tennessee and Florida

Tennessee and Florida apply tiered sales tax that is based on the per-unit price of an item. Please note that an item costing less than $1,600 in Tennessee and any item costing less than $5,000 in Florida will be correctly taxed in GoPayment with location-based sales tax support turned on.

However, any item over these amounts in is taxed differently and at this time, GoPayment does not support these additional rates. If you encounter this issue, don’t worry, the app will let you know (and we’re working to improve on this in future versions).

Example tax alert in Tennessee

We hope this new feature makes taking credit card payments even easier. Let us know what you think!

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