How-To’s: Setting up a Recurring Charge

Many GoPayment users don’t know they can charge their customers’ credit cards on a recurring basis with their GoPayment account! 

If you have repeat charges (a monthly subscription fee, for example) and your customer’s permission to charge their account, you can save time and let us do the legwork.  Here’s how…

1.  Obtain authorization from your customer to charge them on an ongoing basis.   You can print a copy of the AuthorizationForm here.

2.  Log in to the Merchant Service Center, the online portal you use to track your GoPayment transactions. 

3. Locate the “Recurring Payments” box on the Merchant Service Center homepage (shown right) and click on the “Create a Recurring Payment” option. 

4.  On the page that appears,  Click “Create a Recurring Payment” at the bottom of the page that appears.   Note:  you have the opportunity to choose whether or not you wish to integrate your recurring Payments with QuickBooks.  For the purposes of this post, we will proceed with steps that do not include QuickBooks integration. 

5.  Complete the form including the following required fields:

  • Customer Name:  The individual or business name you use to refer to your customer. 
  • Customer Email:  The email address where we will send a message each time their card is charged
  • QuickBooks Invoice Option:  Select if you wish to auto-generate a QuickBooks invoice for the payment. If you are not using QuickBooks or do not wish to generate an invoice, click the second option (“I will/have generated an invoice…”)
  • Payment Information: The amount you wish to charge the customer, the charge schedule and a recurring payment name that will help you and the customer identify the reason for the payment.

6.  Select whether or not you want the customer to receive an email notifying them to the charge being set up.  Note: The customer will receive each time they are charged (based on the schedule you set up).

7.  Click ‘Next’.

8. Review and Submit:   On the page that appears, review the customer and payment information to ensure it is accurate and click ‘Submit.’

And you’re good to go!  Your charges will automatically go through on your specified dates without any further action.

You can manage recurring transactions under the ‘Manage Recurring Payments’ option on the homepage and  keep track of these transactions, and all other non-recurring transactions, under the ‘Activity & Reports.’

Questions or Comments?  Leave us a note below!

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