How To’s: Adding Items

Want to ring up sales even faster?   Selling a fixed number of things with pre-assigned prices?  Make the sales process a little easier by adding ‘Items’ to GoPayment and keep those lines moving!

With GoPayment’s Items functionality you can pre-load your Android, Blackberry or Apple device with the names, descriptions and prices of the things you sell, making is easy to calculate the total your customer owes you before swiping their card.

Here’s how you can set this up for your own account:

  1. Log into GoPayment on your phone or tablet and select ‘Settings’
  2. Turn the ‘Items’ setting to ‘On’ and select to ‘Edit Items’. Here’s what this looks like on an iPhone and Android phone:

3. Select to ‘Edit Items’.

4. Click the plus sign or ‘Add New Item’ button at the top of the screen.

5. Provide the Item Name, Description (Optional) and Price for the itema.  You also have the option to add tax to each item.  Note: You can turn tax on or off on this screen.  To adjust the tax amount, visit the Tax section within your Settings.

6. Repeat for each item you wish to add—you can edit prices, descriptions or names at any time!

Your items will be stored on your phone—and going forward, whenever the ‘Items’ setting is switched to ‘On’ the first screen you see will ask you to select the items your customer wishes to purchase.

Will items work for your business?

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