How to Use Merchant Notification and Customized Receipts

The GoPayment Card Reader has a sleek, revamped design that holds the reader snug against your mobile device as you swipe customer credit cards. Although the system keeps getting easier to use, many merchants are still getting the hang of it — and learning about its most beneficial features, says Satish Buddhavarapu, GoPayment senior product manager.

The latest features include an automated email-notification system that keeps you up to date on transactions in the field and a tool that lets you customize your sales receipts to help build your business. To learn more about both, start by logging in to the Intuit Merchant Service Center.

Merchant Notifications

Click on the Notification Settings link/button to the right. This opens a dialogue box marked Notification Emails. With this tool, you can set up your account so that each time your employee uses the GoPayment Card Reader, you receive an email that confirms a transaction has taken place. It’s a simple way to stay on top of how your mobile sales staff is doing and what business is like.

Customized Receipts

After logging in to the Intuit Merchant Service Center, click on the Customize Receipt link/button on the right. The Customize Receipt feature enables you to add a personal touch to the digital receipts sent to your customers’ phones or email accounts. Each one shows the date, the amount charged, and other details of the transaction.

The personal touch comes from your ability to do any or all of the following:

  • Customize your logo to fit the message on receipts;
  • Include information about your return policy;
  • Share links to Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, etc., so that customers can sing your praises on these social media sites;
  • Include a link to “Write a Review,” which makes it even easier for customers to spread the word about your product or services;
  • Add a message to “Tell a friend about GoPayment,” including a link with more information; and
  • Send a copy of the receipt to your own email box.

Once you’ve mastered these tools, check out the other user-friendly features of the GoPayment Card Reader.

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