How To Use Items in GoPayment

With our new design, we wanted to keep GoPayment simple for businesses that want to use an Items list – and those that don’t.

In the past, you had to turn on or turn off Items in GoPayment. Now, you don’t have to.

If you don’t have a list of items in GoPayment, tapping on Take Payment takes you to a screen where you can:

  1. enter an amount,
  2. indicate whether or not you want to calculate tax on this amount (assuming you have set a tax rate set in Settings, or have turned on location-based tax calculation), and
  3. go to Checkout

items 1

If you want to use an items list, simply go to Manage Items and add your first item. You can set the Item Name, add a picture from your photo library or by taking a picture, set the price, set whether or not to calculate sales tax on the item, and assign it to a category. You can also add the item to your Favorites list if you want to easily access it from the Favorite star on your Take Payment screen.

When you want to edit an item, tap and hold for a second to bring the item back into Edit mode.

items 2

Once you have created multiple items, your Take Payment screen will look like this:

items 3

Even when you’re using items, you can still add a one-off miscellaneous item that you don’t have listed to an order. Tap on Enter $, enter an amount, and indicate whether or not this sale is taxable.

items 4

After creating the order, tap on Review Order, then tap on Checkout to collect payment.

items 5

Updated 12/21/2012. As of March 27, 2013, these capabilities are now available in both the iOS and Android GoPayment apps.

About Mary Lunneborg

Mary Lunneborg is a senior product manager for GoPayment, and is constantly looking for ways to make it easier for small business to get paid – and prosper. Mary lives in San Francisco, and enjoys hiking the city’s hills and hidden neighborhood stairways with her husband and two kids.
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