How to Change Your Business Name or Address on GoPayment Receipts

As a small business owner, chances are you’re used to battling the “big guys” — large corporations, retail chains, or any company that has more resources than you do. To stay competitive, positioning yourself as equally professional is key, even if your revenues are a fraction of what your competition is bringing in.

GoPayment Helps Your Image

GoPayment can help build your professional image by letting you accept credit card payments just like competitors with a mountain of credit card processing equipment in their stores. GoPayment transactions adhere to the same payment security standards as other readers, and you can even provide electronic receipts to your customers which contain the same information found on a standard paper receipt (and more).

But what if you want to change the information that appears on those receipts? Maybe you want to direct customers to a business mailing address instead of your home (where your bank statements might go). Or you have a mobile phone number that’s dedicated to your business. Or you simply want your business name on the receipt instead of your personal name.

Changing Receipt Information

Here’s the good news: You can tweak your electronic receipts to reflect whatever business information you want.

All you have to do is log into the Merchant Account Update Information portal with your GoPayment user name and password. Once there, click on the View/Update Account Information link. The address and phone number that appear on your receipts will be displayed. Simply make the desired changes and click OK.

The default information that appears on your e-receipt is your business name, phone number, and email address. But you can change these however you’d like. (Note that the store name that you choose in GoPayment’s Settings is for the app only; to change the information on your receipt, follow the steps listed above.)

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