Assign GoPayment Roles to Users and Better Manage Your Business

In December we introduced a major update to the GoPayment iOS app that enables synchronizing Items and Settings across multiple devices and users, making it easier for small businesses to manage what and how they sell. Now merchants don’t have to manage separate item lists and settings when switching between their own iPad and, say, an employee’s.

This update also introduced GoPayment user roles. With user roles, small businesses have control over what their employees and business partners can do within the GoPayment app. This control gives you peace of mind and a higher level of comfort when letting your staff manage payments.

gopayment rolesAs part of this update, only the original GoPayment user on an account is granted the GoPayment Admin role. Any other users on the account are automatically given the Associate role. If you want employees to be able to edit Items or Settings, you can. Just visit the Intuit Merchant Service Center to edit their user roles.

Here’s how to do it:

1.    With your web browser, go to

2.    Sign in with your admin ID and password

3.    Select Manage GoPayment

4.    Select the user that you want to review or modify

5.    Select Edit User

6.    From the drop-down menu next to GoPayment Role, choose from Associate, Assistant Manager, Manager, or Admin

Here’s what those four GoPayment roles mean:

Admin. The Admin is the master role on this account and has all rights and privileges. Assignment of this role to users should be carefully considered and limited. Admins can process payments & voids and see all transactions processed by all users. They can create, add, edit, delete, and sync items among all users and devices on the account. They can customize email receipts and change settings (like taxes or tips) that apply to all users and devices. Only Admins can add or remove other users and set funding options.

Manager. This role can do everything an Admin can do, except Managers cannot add or remove other users and cannot set funding options.

Assistant Manager. This role can process payments, voids, and sync items only to their own device. Assistant Managers can also see all transactions processed by any user.

Associate. This role can process payments, voids, and sync items only to their device, and Associates can only see the transactions that they processed.

Updated 12/26/2012. As of March 27, 2013, these capabilities are now available in both the iOS and Android GoPayment apps.

About Mary Lunneborg

Mary Lunneborg is a senior product manager for GoPayment, and is constantly looking for ways to make it easier for small business to get paid – and prosper. Mary lives in San Francisco, and enjoys hiking the city’s hills and hidden neighborhood stairways with her husband and two kids.
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