How to Add a Discount to Your Order in GoPayment

Now when you create an order with items, you can add a discount on the fly while still being able to quickly complete the sale.

Tap on Add a Discount and enter a percentage or flat dollar amount. Tap on Order to move forward.

gopayment discount 1  gopayment discount 2

You’ll see the discount appear on the virtual receipt. If you need to, you can delete the discount and redo the receipt.

gopayment discount 3

The discount appears on the receipt for your records and on your customer’s receipt.

gopayment discount 4

Updated 12/7/2012. As of March 27, 2013, these capabilities are now available in both the iOS and Android GoPayment apps.

About Mary Lunneborg

Mary Lunneborg is a senior product manager for GoPayment, and is constantly looking for ways to make it easier for small business to get paid – and prosper. Mary lives in San Francisco, and enjoys hiking the city’s hills and hidden neighborhood stairways with her husband and two kids.
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