GoPayment and QuickBooks Online Get Together

Some things just belong together.

Peanut butter and jelly. Captain and Tennille. And now? QuickBooks Online and GoPayment.

It’s official. As of September 2011, two of my favorite Intuit products have finally learned to talk to each other, and I couldn’t be happier. QuickBooks Online now has the ability to import GoPayment and qbo 1

As a longtime QuickBooks Online user, the author of Intuit Academy courses on the product, and an early GoPayment adopter, one of the best birthday presents I received this year was the option to click a button to import my GoPayment transactions.

Before, if I took a payment with my phone or iPad, I would have to remember who it was from, what it was for, and manually receive a payment or enter a sales receipt. Now, with a few clicks, I can download these payments directly into QuickBooks Online and quickly apply them to invoices or create a new sales receipt.

I love it!

Get more details on the integration at this FAQ.

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