Equipment FAQs

Can I use my existing mobile phone?

If you have a mobile phone with an internet browser, you can access the web version of GoPayment. However, there is a second way to process which is by downloading the GoPayment application onto a supported mobile phone. The application version of GoPayment is easier to use and is compatible with the optional Bluetooth hardware we offer. Click here to see a list of GoPayment-supported mobile phones.

Do I need a special phone plan?

You will need a phone plan with basic data access. Data plans typically come in two versions, pay each month for a certain amount of usage or a pay as you go. Talk to your carrier to find the option that works best for you.

Is there additional hardware I can purchase that works with GoPayment?

Yes, we offer Bluetooth credit card reader and a Bluetooth credit card reader and printer combo. These are optional pieces of equipment and are not required to use GoPayment. Using either of these devices will help you qualify for the lower discount rate.

Do I have to purchase the additional equipment when I sign up for my GoPayment account?

No. These are optional pieces of equipment and you can purchase them any time you want.

Does Intuit sell phones or phone plans?

No, Intuit only offers the GoPayment service. All mobile phone and phone plans are provided and billed separately by the carrier of your choice.

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