All About GoPayment’s New Card Reader

At CES 2012 we announced that GoPayment would be releasing its next-generation card reader. Today, it’s official, and our new reader is being sent to users who sign up for GoPayment now.

Like our first reader, this one plugs right into the audio jack of your Apple iOS or Android device and is encrypted to ensure the safety of the data on scanned credit cards. What’s new is a sleek and revamped design geared to keep the reader snug against your mobile device as you swipe those cards. The new reader also has an angled groove that lets you more easily swipe cards, even when the device is sitting flat on a table.

Finally, our new reader is compatible with even more Android devices! Check out the full compatibility list on under the “Compatible Devices” link.

The reader will be FREE to new users upon account sign up and will soon be available for purchase for those users who already have a GoPayment account.

Check out our new video showing GoPayment in action here.

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